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Tagging guidelines


  • Use the words that people in the videos use


Elements: keywords for search (a.k.a. metadata), nominal data, things mentioned

  1. People

    1. names (“Katherine Johnston”)

    2. occupation (“mayor”)

    3. socio-economic/demographic category (“low income”, “youth”)

  2. Organizations

    1. names (“Atlanta Harm Reduction Coalition”)

  3. Locations

    1. Street names (“Proctor Street”, “North Avenue”

    2. Building (“Vine City Church”)

  4. Events

    1. Name: community event (“Festival of Light”)

    2. Name: personal event

    3. Type: (elections, disasters, flood damage)

  5. Infrastructure

    1. Type: transportation, housing, sewage

  6. Development

    1. community projects (“community garden”)

    2. government projects

  7. Engagement

    1. people getting involved (“voter drives”)

  8. Culture and History: “religion”, “hip hop”, history, sermon

  9. Education: curriculum, graduation rates, marching band

  10. Legal/Crime:


Tags: Prominent themes that emerge from the interviews (“Stadium”), “Immigration”, “Community Involvement”